Email Advertising

We utilize a state of the art technology called veMAIL to deliver your message to your customers in a way they have never seen.

veMAIL is a new technology that allows a pre-recorded video message to be created in a special template. The template is then placed into a special proprietary system and deployed to consumers that wish to receive information regarding promotional products or services.

The veMAIL arrives and when opened shows a pre-recorded video message. This video delivers a compelling message to the individual prompting them to “take action”. This new state of the art technology will increase your target audience, and dramatically stretch your advertising dollars. Customers can take action immediately with the customized interactive links. ­ Improve client relations and extend your sphere of influence in the marketplace.

Over 200 Million e-mail addresses nationwide, and very few companies can deliver this vast amount of emails. We can deliver up to 500,000 per hour!

Email Templates

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